Software testing FAQ’s:
What is Software testing in general? (No need of definitions from Book)
Main goal of software testing is to evaluate the product features against the customer expectation met or not. Software testing is also to identify the flaws in a product. To attain the good brand, A company should have testing team with excellence.
Software testing is divided into two areas. Those two areas are listed below.
1. Validation

2. Verification

Validation is the real execution part of testing that ensures the product functionalities are met with customer expectation and needs. Verification is the part that defines the process that to be followed during the testing activities and it also ensures the team is following it or not by calculating the metrics. Generic Example – In Construction, Rooms (bed room,hall and kitchen) are located as per the design expected by customer or not.(Validation-Are we doing the correct product ?). We have used correct proportion of cement, valid steel that makes the product stable and standard.(Verification – Are we doing prouct right?).