ISTQB testing – FAQ

If anybody selected as software tester,he will be working on any of the below application as a tester.

1.Console appliction

2.Desktop or windows application  – a)Stand-alone application  b) Client/Server application

3.Web application – 3-tier or N-tier application

4.Web portals

5. Mobile applications – Those application will work in any of the OS such as IOS,Android,java or windows etc

Frequently asked question in interviews are Major difference between  ISTQB Certification or CSTE

Difference between windows application and web application

Difference between web application and windows application.

Windows application:

1.It will be 2-tier architecture

2. installation needed to be use or work with the application

3.It can be standalone or client/server application

Web application:

1.It will be 3 tier architecture.

2.Not Installation required

3.Just need of browser and internet or intranet connection to use the application

Tester should be testing all the above application when he selected as tester in the leading MNC’s. ISTQB training is needed to clear the examination with the high score that will be more recognized in the IT industry