ISTQB Certification in chennai

What is SDLC ?

SDLC expanded as Software development life cycle. Initially there was no standards or life cycle followed in the development industry. Due to that lot of uncertainty happened in customer environment which causes maintenance more than the development cost.

What ever may be the development there should be some cycle that define where to start and end in a path. SDLC are introduced in the market of Software development due to following reasons.

1. Improve the quality of the product.

2.Improve the standardization in the product.

3. Able to identify the root cause of the problem.

Different types of SDLC are there in the market. It started from linear sequential model to type of incremental in  the recent days. Software Testers should always be focus on understanding the difference between each and every model is the key factor to clear the ISTQB Certification in chennai.

Types of SDLC are listed below.

1.Waterfall model

2.prototype model

3.Spiral Model

4.V Model

5 Incremental model

a. Agile Methodology – SCRUM is the best recognized among all the agile methodology

Most of the training companies are treating these topics as an theoritical ones. But these topics are very import for a person to beacme an Certified ISTQB Tester. If the training company focus more on showing the drawbacks of each and every model will covers the exact and can be termed as best
ISTQB certification
in chennai.