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Istqb Certification training Institute in chennai  is one of the more needed certificate for the tester who are seeking for job and also for the person’s already working and planning shifting the job. International software testing qualification board is accrediting the candidates by conducting the exam that consists of more valuable syllabus and content. The best ISTQB Training in Chennai board defines the syllabus that was vaster and elaborately covers all the testing areas. Once the candidate is able to clear the examination then it means that he/she can able to understand all the test concepts to the core and also he can able to work with any kind of QA environment in any leading MNC’s.

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ISTQB Certification Training Institute in Chennai|Best ISTQB Training in Chennai

Best ISTQB Training in Chennai: Always try to focus and get more trained with the certififcation eBooks orIstqb Certification training Institute in chennai |ISTQB Training in Chennai. Just blankly learning with the help of dumps and sample papers without having knowledge about the core concepts won’t much help practically to the candidates. Credo Systemz is the one of the Best ISTQB Training in Chennai cos of its training content and also with experienced trainer who is having more than 8 to 9 years of Industrial experience.

Best ISTQB Training in Chennai

Training Syllabus for ISTQB Certification Training:

Chapter 1:

  1. Introduction to testing
  2. How testing and quality term are related?
  3. Verification and validation differences
  4. Types of applications
  5. Probability of getting an end application
  6. Introduction to SDLC

Chapter 2:

  1. Types of SDLC
  2. Waterfall Model
  3. Prototype Model
  4. Spiral model
  5. Incremental model
  6. V-Model
  7. Agile Methodology
  8. Scrum Framework
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of all models

Chapter 3:

  1. Software testing lifecycle and its advantages
  2. Usecase,test case and test scenario’s
  3. Test case template and its exercise
  4. How to prepare test strategy?
  5. What is test plan?
  6. Difference between test plan and strategy
  7. How to prepare and send the test report

Chapter 4:

  1. Principles of testing introduction
  2. Seven principles and its explanations

Chapter 5:

  1. Difference between errors,mistakes,bug,defect and failure
  2. Bug life cycle and its uses
  3. Bug template
  4. Priority Vs Severity
  5. Discussion about SLA
  6. How to prepare the bug report

Chapter 6:

  1. Introduction to Bug tracking or test management tool
  2. Usage with tracking tools
  3. Creating bugs using tool
  4. Test case writing using tool

Chapter 7:

  1. Static and Dynamic testing
  2. Static testing technique and test process
  3. Types of reviews
  4. Test design techniques

Chapter 8:

  1. Dynamic testing and its types
  2. Functional and Non Functional
  3. Functional testing types
  4. Black box testing and its types
  5. Equivalence partitioning,BVA,Decision tables, Error Guessing, state transition and All pairs testing
  6. White Box testing
  7. Statement, branch and path coverage
  8. IEEE standards
  9. Entry and Exit criteria
  10. Test estimation activities

Chapter 9:

  1. Introduction to requirement mapping
  2. How to perform requirement mapping
  3. Types of mapping in project

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  • Best ISTQB Training in Chennai – Hands on & practical training
  • 30 hours class room Best ISTQB training |Best ISTQB Training in Chennai
  • Limited Batch size (Not more than 8) for providing individual care
  • Reference Material will be provided
  • Affordable fees for the ISTQB training candidates
  • Flexible course schedule
  • Active participation exercises to develop your skills and experience
  • Best istqb training in chennai – Exclusive Student and Group offers
  • Course handled by Industry Experts for Best ISTQB training in Chennai
  • Best ISTQB Training in Chennai – Advanced Coaching by Credo Systemz
  • 100 % Job assistance
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