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ISTQB testing-What types of application tester will work?

ISTQB testing – FAQ
If anybody selected as software tester,he will be working on any of the below application as a tester.

1.Console appliction

2.Desktop or windows application  – a)Stand-alone application  b) Client/Server application

3.Web application – 3-tier or N-tier application

4.Web portals

5. Mobile applications – Those application will work in any of the OS such as IOS,Android,java or windows […]

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Software testing


Software testing FAQ’s:
What is Software testing in general? (No need of definitions from Book)
Main goal of software testing is to evaluate the product features against the customer expectation met or not. Software testing is also to identify the flaws in a product. To attain the good brand, A company should have testing team with excellence.
Software […]

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